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Tdor5 14h ago

"I probably watched hundreds of hours of FIFA YouTube tutorials, but just couldn't rise above Rank 3 in the weekend league. A friend raved about Gamers Academy so I thought I'd give it a try. In my very first session, my coach identified several ways I could improve my game that I was completely unaware of. That weekend, I achieved my best Weekend League performance ever! Gamers Academy rocks!"

Zealot 48h ago

"I'm an aspiring FIFA pro, and thought I knew everything about the game. I didn't think anything could help me improve other than just playing more top players. But my coach was incredible - he showed me several techniques and strategies that have opened my game up to entirely new dimensions. I'm playing better than ever!"

xjade 3 days ago

"I'm more of a beginner at FIFA, but I really love the game. I spent a lot of coins on my team, but still wasn't getting the results I wanted. I thought I would just do the free trial at Gamers Academy just to see what it's like, then cancel it. But after one coaching session, I was hooked. The coaches are awesome - they are super knowledgeable, and they really care about their students. I'm beating all of my friends, and they all want to know what my secret is :) Don't tell them about GA!"

GonFIFA 5 days ago

"Gamers Academy group sessions are great. The topics are always interesting, and the classes don't just repeat the stuff you can find on YouTube. The coaches are super patient, great at explaining the material and answering our questions. I've enjoyed every group session I've attended. I can't wait to try my first 1on1!"

HandyOne 7 hours ago

"I love the video analysis Gamers Academy offers. It's great to have a coach review one of my actual games, and show me where I made mistakes and what I could do differently. I review my analyses over and over again, and have adopted a lot of the lessons I've learned into my gameplay. I just achieved my highest rank ever, and am still improving!"


1on1 Coaching

A 60 minute, live, 1-on-1 session with a world-class coach who will analyze your specific game and provide personalized advice on the best ways for you to improve. Get coached just like the esports FIFA pros do! Available with our Pro plan.

Group sessions

Live classes with up to 12 other students on a wide variety of topics including defense, offense, skills, tactics and more. Our incredible instructors will answer any questions you have and show you how to improve your game. Available in all of our plans.

Gameplay Analysis

Upload a recording of your actual gameplay (Don't worry, we'll show you how!) and one of our coaches will analyze your match within 48 hours. You'll receive detailed feedback on what flaws the coach sees in your game and ways you can improve. Get gameplay analyses with our Starter and higher plans.


Get access to our huge library of tutorials from the best FIFA coaches in the world - the same coaches that train professional esports FIFA players. You won't find this content anywhere else. Available in all of our plans.


  • Coach MoAuba

    • FIFA World Champion!

    • Take masterclasses from MoAuba, the 2019 FIFA world champion - exclusively at Gamers Academy!

    • Xbox and PlayStation, English and German

  • Coach NealGuides

    • Creator of the #1 FIFA YouTube channel

    • Take group classes from Coach NealGuides, the leading FIFA tutorial creator with over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube

    • Xbox and PlayStation, English only

  • Coach Mike LaBelle

    • Multinational FIFA Champion

    • Take group classes from Mike Labelle, one of the world’s best FIFA players, and learn how to take your game to the next level

    • Xbox and PlayStation, English only

  • Coach Stylo

    • Current coach of the world’s best FIFA players

    • Coach Stylo is the current coach to Mo Auba, the FIFA world champion, as well as several other top 200 players. If you want to be the best, get coached by the best - attend one of Coach Stylo’s group classes.

    • Xbox & PlayStation, German only


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