Stephan Murphy


In FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode, center backs were a dying breed. How EA counteracts this in FIFA 22, you can find out here.


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In FIFA 21, the speed of the players took on an essential role. This led to the fact that center backs disappeared more and more from the formations of gamers. In FUT mode, the five-man chain with additional fullbacks in the center-back position became the standard. Most of the incumbent center backs were simply too slow and thus did not fit the game's meta. The so-called "fullback meta" was born.

Revised defense

It's no secret that not everyone was thrilled about constantly playing against a five-man chain with fast fullbacks. That's why EA SPORTS has made some changes to the defense for FIFA 22. With the new tactical AI, defenders can act more as a unit. The "Defensive Awareness" attribute is the most important thing in determining the effectiveness of the defenders' behaviors.

According to EA SPORTS, "defensive work rate and tiredness has a significant impact on the defensive positioning of players." If a player who is not a central defender is placed in the central defender position in FIFA 22, then this will have a negative effect on his defensive positioning. But if this measure has the desired effect will be shown with the release of FIFA 22.

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