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FIFA 22: How effective is the Green Time Finish?


Serhat Ak

By now the current meta of the FIFA 22 season is quite widespread in the community. If Green Timed Finish is a part of it, you can find out here.

Coach Mike Labelle

Multinational FIFA Champion


By now the current meta of the FIFA 22 season is quite widespread in the community. If Green Timed Finish is a part of it, you can find out here.

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But first it's important to know what Green Timed Finish is in the first place. In our article about the best finishing options in FIFA 22 we mentioned the Green Timed Finish again and again. It makes your finishes more precise and harder on the opponent's goal. For this you have to press the shoot button and just before the shot you just have to press shoot a second time.


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Your timing plays a crucial role here. If you press the shoot button too early, you will hit a yellow or red timed finish and these shots will be absolutely useless in most cases. You're probably wondering why you never noticed this feature before

Enable Green Timed Finish:

  • Main Menu >

  • Customize >

  • Settings >

  • Customize Controls >

  • Timed Finishing: On

When is the use of the Green Timed Finish most effective?

Goal attempts in the penalty area are usually very dangerous, as long as your players have a good shot stat and are aligned appropriately. But to increase your chances of scoring a goal, we recommend that you use the Green Timed Finish even at shorter distances from the goal. This will increase your chances of avoiding a bugged save from the opposing goalkeeper.

For several years, long range shots have not been an option in FIFA that has given regular goal scoring danger. In FIFA 22, however, finesse shots outside the sixteen are dangerous again. However, to overcome the opponent's goalkeepers, you'll definitely have to use the Green Timed Finish - otherwise the rate of dangerous attempts from distance is very low.

Other situations where you should use the Green Timed Finish are standards. Your free kicks and penalties are much better when you use the Green Timed Finish. The timing is also easier because the ball is at rest and you are not in a dynamic game situation. You can also use the Green Timed Finish on headers after free kicks or corners.

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