Choose your Coach

  • Coach Stylo

    Allrounder - Tactics - Mental
    • Achievements: World Champion coach of MoAuba & player for FOKUS CLAN

    • Offers: Group Coaching

    • Language: German

    Stylo is a professional EA FC player with FOKUS CLAN, coach for the DFB eFootball team 
    and coach & teammate of world champion 
    MoAuba. There is no one who has a better insight 
    into the EA FC 24 coaching world than Stylo. In his group coaching sessions, he teaches you what is important in EA FC 24 and how to reach your personal goal as quickly 
    as possible. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach DSFIFAx

    Offense - Tactics
    • Achievements: Represented Burnley FC in the ePremier League

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching & Group Coaching

    • Language: English

    Daniel is professionl EA FC player. As a Pro, has 
    already participated in several tournaments. As he is studying coaching studies and has therefore 
    already gained coaching experience in real life, he can apply this knowledge perfectly to EA FC 24 
    coaching. His personal strenths are attacking 
    plays, creatingg chances and the correct use of 
    skill moves. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach AJ

    Allrounder - Tactics
    • Achievements: eCanadian Premier League champion, Canada national team player and top 10 player NA

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & Arabic

    AJ is an EA FC national player for Canada and top 10 player in North America. His achievements 
    as a player include winning the eCanadian Premier League and participating in FGS 2021. He has 
    already gained some experience as a coach, 
    having trained several players. He can teach you 
    how to achieve a versatile style of play that 
    provides security, especially defensively, but is also efficient in attack. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach Jeffryy

    Allrounder - Tactics - Mental
    • Achievements: Pro for Borussia eSports and eNational Team player

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German

    Jeffryy is a professional EA FC 24 player at Borussia ESports. He plays in the VBL, was qualified for the 
    eChampions League in FIFA 22 & has already 
    achieved numerous top placings in major EA FC 
    tournaments. His strengths are mainly in 
    defence & game-building. But of course Jeffryy 
    can also give you decisive tips on the offensive. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach Bono

    Allrounder - Tactics - Mental
    • Achievements: Official coach of Mainz 05 eSports

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching & Group Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    Bono has been a professional player & coach 
    since 2010 and has won the German Championship 3 times in that time. Bono is 
    currently the coach of Mainz 05 eSPORTS. 
    His special strengths lie in tactics, mentality 
    and standards. Of course, you can also get tips on 
    offence and defence from bono. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach n1ce65

    Tactics - Mental
    • Achievements: Headcoach at SV Darmstadt 98; Pro Player from 2002-2013 

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: Turkish & German

    Ugur is almost an eSports veteran by today's standards. He was a professional player himself from 2002-2013. During this time, he played in the highest German classes, became German runner-up in 2002, Berlin champion in 2003 and was a player in the Turkish eNational team for seven years. Since 2019, he has been using this experience to coach professionals and casual gamers professionally. See for yourself and book a coaching with Coach_n1ce65. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach Wildstylerx3

    Defense - Offense - Tactics
    • Achievements: Pro for Paderborn eSports & top 10 VBL

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German

    Yannik is a professional EA FC 24 player for SC Paderborn 07 & a FUT Verified Player. His 
    strengths include defence, controlled build-up play and tactical understanding. In these 
    areas as well as in the offensive, Wildstyler can 
    surely give you helpful tips to improve your game. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach ChrisKa87

    Defense - Tactics
    • Achievements: Elite player

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German

    Chris is perfect for newcomers. As a player who 
    has played himself from average to elite level, he knows exactly what matters & what you need 
    to work on to get better at EA FC 24 quickly. In a 
    coaching session with him, he shows you exactly 
    how to close the gaps in your game. [PS/Xbox/PC]

  • Coach Tim

    Offense - Skills - Tactics
    • Achievements: Elite 1 player

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German

    Tim is a coach suitable for beginners. As a player 
    he has consistently reached the upper elite ranks 
    & participated in official qualifiers over the last 
    few years. His style of play is mainly characterised 
    by his attacking defence, high pressure & quick 
    transition play. He can teach you how to keep 
    your cool at the back & put pressure on your 
    opponent up front. [PS/Xbox/PC]