Choose your Coach

  • Coach Gustavo

    Mechanics - End Game
    • Achievements: Coach for 5+ years; Fornite Legend & Valorant Expert

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish

    Gustavo is a gaming legend. Since 2012, it's hard to imagine the Brazilian gaming scene without him. Be it COD, PUBG, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone or Fortnite & Valorant. He masters every game. He stands out especially for his aim & movement as well as his ingame sense.  In the game, he is smarter and faster than his opponents and thus always gains an advantage. He has been an active coach since 2017 and now wants to take you to the next level! Let's go!  

  • Coach HizirTV

    Mechanics - Building - End Game
    • Achievements: Owner of Claim eSports & Streamer on Twitch

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German & Turkish

    HizirTV has an eye for the essentials when it comes to Fortnite. As the owner of Claim Esports, he has been able to coach many players and bring some of them to the FNCS Grands. In his coaching, he starts with the necessary mindset and shows you how to keep a cool head in stressful situations. Whether it's overflicking, overpeaking or wrong movement - Hizir has a very good eye for uncovering your deficits and effectively eliminating the weak points.

  • Coach Sharko

    Early Game - End Game - Building
    • Achievements: Official Coach of Ovation E-Sports

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching & Early Game Bundles

    • Language: German

    Sharko has been active as a professional coach in Fortnite eSports for several years. In addition to his work as a professional coach at Ovation eSports, he has also worked closely with the best German Fortnite pros. No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced player or a pro. Sharko can help you become a better player regardless of your current level. His personal strengths include decision-making in the early & end game as well as in fights. The name Sharko stands for countless Victory Royals - your time to shine!

  • Coach CloudFN

    Early Game - End Game - Decision Making
    • Achievements: Coached players from four different regions to Grand Finals

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English

    Cloud is the complete package of a coach. A veteran of Fortnite Competitive who has led teams from four different regions to Grand Finals. As a coach, he has been part of several eSports organisations and has also achieved several top finishes in major tournaments with different players and teams - could that be you? Cloud can do it on any platform, let's do it!