Choose your Coach

  • Coach Gamingplayer

    Jungle - Support - Mid - Top - ADC
    • Achievements: Mental coach at Altera Esports. Former headcoach at Blacklions Academy & Herning Esports Prodigies

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching & Team Coaching

    • Language: German & English

    Jan has already worked as a head coach with notable teams for several years and has about 1500 hours of coaching done. As an official „Gamer Coach“, Reddit Summoner School mentor and mentality coach, he coaches you on all levels of the game. Jan is characterized trough his flexibility and adaptability. He provides you with an intiutive and practice-oriented coaching that focuses on you.

  • Coach Ripley

    Jungle - Mid - Top
    • Achievements: Coaching experience from Bronze to Grandmaster

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: German & English

    Ripley, aka Alex, has been coaching League of Legends for many years. In this time, he has coached numerous players & teams from all elos. Accordingly, it doesn't matter if you're a solid platinum player or just getting started with LoL. Ripley's individual methods, honed over time, and patience for new players in the Gap are what set him apart. No one offers such detailed solutions to your personal weak points.