Grand Champion is just the beginning! The international eSports players and coaches from the GAMERS ACADEMY will take your gameplay to a new level from the very first session – whether it's your flying skills, goal scoring or effective defensive work. With us, you'll find the right coach for all areas of Rocket League and can improve your game.

  • Coach Theezy

    Allrounder, Mechanical Coaching

    • Achievements: Head Coach at Minkz & FlyBack, Nitro League Div 1 Coach, RLSC Top24

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    Theezy is an experienced and successful Rocket League coach. He reached the playoffs of the Nitro League Division 1 and ranks among the top 6 in the DACH region. He won several „Nice Cactuz“ and „Rocketment“ tournaments. As Head Coach at Minkz Gaming and FlyBack Esports, Theezy brings with him the necessary knowledge from the largest training forge in the DACH region to coach you in all aspects of the game and take your game to the next level. No one works as structured and closely with the players as Theezy.

  • Coach Jan

    Beginner Coach, Allrounder

    • Achievements: 7 years of competitive experience in Rocket League

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    Jan is playing at the highest level since the release of Rocket League. He has been gaining competitive experience for years in competitions such as the Nitro League and the Uniliga. As a Grand Champion player, he can coach players at any skill level. Thanks to his long tenure as department head at Munich eSports e.V., he brings valuable experience in dealing with players and teams. With his calm manner and systematic way of working, he can fundamentally improve your game and bring you to continuous progress in the rankings. 

  • Coach Carbo


    • Achievements: Nitro League Division 1 & Winner of Nicecactus, IRC and Rocket Clash tournaments

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    Carbo is a Rocket League player and coach on the highest level. He played in the Nitro League Division 1 and won among others Nicecactus, IRC and Rocket Clash tournaments. With his mmr over 2000 he plays in the high SSL area and can coach everybody up to high SSL. As an allrounder, Carbo can teach you in every aspect of the game and highly improves your gameplay.