Choose your Coach

  • Coach Lazzy

    Allrounder - Mechanics
    • Achievements: 1 year coaching experience individuals & teams

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & Dutch

    Lazzy is an experienced Valorant coach who has already gained one year of coaching experience, coaching both individuals and teams. His expertise lies in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and defining individual goals for you on this basis. Through targeted training plans, he supports you in achieving your goals and realizing your full potential.

  • Coach alexRr

    Allrounder - Mechanics
    • Achievements: Multiple German Champion in CS, played major, top 10 with BIG in Valorant

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    AlexRr is a professional player and brings a lot of experience with him. He has played for BIGCLAN, ALTERNATE and PENTA among others. AlexRr is a multiple German champion in CS, has played a major in CS and reached the top 10 with BIG in Valorant. Both individual CS players and teams have been coached by him and could learn a lot. Coach AlexRr teaches you how important communication is and how to make the right decisions in the game.   

  • Coach Nitro

    Allrounder - Strategy
    • Achievements: Won several Polish and European tournaments, Champions Tour Europe level 1: Challengers 2 quarterfinalist.

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & Polish

    Karol is an eSports enthusiast and all-rounder. He has been competing in Valorant since the closed beta and thus brings a lot of experience with him. Coach Nitro has been able to prove his skills on both the national and international stage, collecting several thousand euros in prize money. With his open and communicative manner, Karol is the perfect coach to bring you to a new level!

  • Coach Gustavo

    • Achievements: Coach for 5+ years; Fornite Legend & Valorant Expert

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish

    Gustavo is a gaming legend. Since 2012, it's hard to imagine the Brazilian gaming scene without him. Be it COD, PUBG, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone or Fortnite & Valorant. He masters every game. He stands out especially for his aim & movement as well as his ingame sense.  In the game, he is smarter and faster than his opponents and thus always gains an advantage. He has been an active coach since 2017 and now wants to take you to the next level! Let's go!  

  • Coach HighKitty

    Mechanics - Strategy - Mental
    • Achievements: Pro Player for ALTERNATE aTTaX

    • Offers: 1on1 Coaching

    • Language: English & German

    CS:GO veteran Fabian has been collecting earnings in Valorant since 2020 and deleted everyone with PENTA at the Project V finals in 2022. Now he is building on these successes with ALTERNATE aTTax. His strengths? Entries, 1on1s, operator handling, mentality.... the complete game, so to speak. Through his years of experience - not only as a player - Coach HighKitty shows you how to act unpredictably, with foresight and, above all, tactically cleverly and immediately improve your gameplay.