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FIFA 22: These are the basics of defense


Stephan Murphy

Every good FIFA player knows: A few basic behaviors can be applied to every FIFA part. FIFA 22 is no exception.

Coach Mike Labelle

Multinational FIFA Champion


Every good FIFA player knows: A few basic behaviors can be applied to every FIFA part. FIFA 22 is no exception.


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Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. Every football fan knows this wisdom. The reason is simple, it's true. It's the same in FIFA 22: to be successful, you first have to defend successfully. Most of you have probably already noticed that the Canadian developer didn't exactly make it easy for you.

How do I defend correctly?


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The defense doesn't start when the opponent is already in front of your penalty area, but you should try to intercept the opponent as early as possible. To do this, you should use central defensive midfielders (CDM), who are physically strong and have a high defensive value. You can cleverly block the opponent's passing routes or win the ball with a well-timed tackle.

Timing is what matters most here. If you attack the opponent too early, you will be outplayed, if you attack too late, you will hear the referee's whistle. When defending, press the L2/LT and R2/RT buttons, this will make your player move with sidesteps and block passing and running routes. Watch your player's speed (R2/RT) to avoid being run over.

With a second player you can build up pressure

If you want to put more pressure on the attacker with the ball, you can call a second player to help you (R1/RB). He will then attack the attacker while you block his passing and running routes. The player with the green cursor above him is the one you can use to put additional pressure on the opponent. But be careful: If you use it incorrectly, you'll create a big gap for your opponent.

Break up your defensive chain only in an absolute emergency

Under no circumstances should you move out of the defensive chain with a center back to attack the opponent. The resulting hole can be exploited by the attacker with one or two simple passes. Use them actively only at the last moment to block shots on goal. If the attack runs down the wings, switch to your fullbacks to cross or prevent them from entering the penalty area.

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