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FIFAe World Cup: GAMERS ACADEMY coach "Umut" wins the title


Serhat Ak

FIFA 22 FUT 18.07.2022, 11:41
Umut "Umut" Gültekin managed to beat "Nicolas99fc" in the final of the FIFA 22 eWorld Cup. Daniel "Fehrminator" Fehr coached the German to the title.

Coach Mike Labelle

Multinational FIFA Champion


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Already in the group stage, "Umut" made his ambitions for the title clear. In what was supposed to be a group of death, the German eNational player was able to win the group very confidently. He left well-known players like "KKoray", "Tuga810" or "Peixoto" behind him. His opponent in the final was second in his group.

In the round of 16, "Umut" beat "Young" from Brazil 4:1. He then met Matias Bonanno, probably the biggest favorite for the title. The German had previously called him the best player in the world at the moment. All the more confident "Umut" could play his semi-final matches against "Emre Yilmaz" after he defeated "Matiasbonanno9" 4:1 over two games.


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Both "Umut" and "Fehrminator", who are coaches at GAMERS ACADEMY, realized that the World Cup title was within their grasp when they reached the semifinals. "Emre Yilmaz" played a very strong tournament, but he lost to the eSports player from RBLZ Gaming clearly with 1:4. Thus, with "Umut" and "Nicolas99fc" the players with the strongest form of the tournament were in the final.

In this final, no goals were scored during the two regular playing periods, so that it went into overtime. In extra time, both players had great chances to take the lead, but they showed nerves and missed their scoring opportunities. Thus it went into a penalty shootout for 250,000 dollars. "Umut" converted all his penalties, while "Nicolas99fc" missed one. 

This made "Umut" the successor of "MoAuba" and at the same time continued the German dominance in FIFA eSports. After 2019, a German is once again the FIFA World Champion. If you want to get tips from the world champion "Umut" or the world champion coach "Fehrminator", you are in the right place, because both are coaches at the GAMERS ACADEMY.

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