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FIFA 22: The most important attributes on each position


Serhat Ak

In FIFA 22 not all player stats are directly visible. We show you which attributes you should pay attention to on the different positions.

Coach Mike Labelle

Multinational FIFA Champion


In FIFA 22 not all player stats are directly visible. We show you which attributes you should pay attention to on the different positions.

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These attributes are important for your goalkeepers and defenders


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Goalkeepers have fewer attributes compared to field players. Therefore, all stats have an important role to play. However, among the best goalkeepers you will see a difference in the kicking stat. Not many goalkeepers have a good kick, although this aspect is very important to avoid easy ball losses. 

For example, your goalkeepers must be able to hit an accurate ball to your attackers when your opponents close in on you and put pressure on you. This will allow you to outplay the first pressing line and then exploit the large gaps in the opponent's defense. Moreover, good goalkeepers can stand out from the others with their additional traits like "Saves with feet".

Of course, defensive stats play the biggest role in the selection of center backs. However, the best center backs are determined by other stats. For example, agility, balance and strength are extremely important. This allows you to stand well against speedy attackers and win the ball when you're one-on-one. In addition, the speed of your defenders should be right.

The same applies to the fullbacks. Most of the time they are fast and can defend. However, the best ones are characterized by other qualities.  Good dribbling and passing are important, because your fullbacks are essential for playing on the wing - even in an offensive sense. They should also have a strong defensive awareness and good positional play to avoid gaps.

These attributes are important for your midfielders and offensive players

Midfielders are the heart and soul of a team. Therefore, you should make the right choice. Either you can field all-rounders who can do everything or you can rely on a defensive specialist and complement him with players who are strong on the ball. Important attributes for players in the center are for example, a good acceleration, a good pass, aggressiveness, stamina, and a good overview.

Wingers are very important for your offensive game, because the CPU defense in FIFA 22 makes it very difficult to play through the center. Therefore you have to come on the wings. Your players on the wings should be fast and have a good dribbling. A good passing stat is also important, so that they can play a dangerous ball into the center when you are through on the wings.

Your wingers should feed the strikers and they should score the goals. For this, finishing and shot power are especially important. In addition, your attackers should have good composure, so that the finishes are more successful. Speed also plays a role, so that you can also counterattack. Skills and the weak foot are important to remain unpredictable. This also applies to your wingers.

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