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FIFA 22: These are the basics of the passing game


Serhat Ak

A precise passing game is the most important thing in football and this is also the case in FIFA 22. Here you can find out which types there are.

Coach Mike Labelle

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A precise passing game is the most important thing in football and this is also the case in FIFA 22. Here you can find out which types there are and what you should pay attention to.

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FIFA 22 offers more room for using the different passes that exist in the game. This hasn't been the case in every FIFA part. Take advantage of the different options, both defensively and offensively. Generally speaking, a good passing game is of enormous importance to keep the ball in your own ranks. Because as they say, if you have the ball, your opponent can't score.


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On the one hand, choosing the right pass is important to get out of dangerous situations in your own half. On the other hand, the right passes in the offense are very important to create scoring chances for you. Especially when your opponents are standing way back. An unnecessary loss of the ball in such situations can lead to dangerous counterattacks and these are especially effective in FIFA 22.

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What types of passes are there actually?

Driven Ground Pass (R1 + X / RB + A)

A normal pass via X / A on a long distance is often intercepted, because the pass does not have the necessary power. To avoid this mistake, you should use the Driven Ground Pass. The ball will be played much more powerful and direct to your teammate. This pass is very effective especially in FIFA 22.

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Lobbed Pass (X + X / A + A)

We recommend these variants of the pass mainly to create finishing situations in the sixteen. In both versions, the ball is played slightly elevated, making it more difficult for defenders to reach the ball.

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Low Cross (Square + Square / X + X)

We recommend this pass when you are through on the wing and a teammate of yours runs free at the far post. You can pass your player optimally with a low cross.

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High Lob (L1 + square / LB + X)

The High Lob is a cross played at a higher level. It is ideal for playing off opposing defenders or even the goalkeeper with a cross.

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These are the alternatives to the classic through pass

Threaded Through Pass (R1 + square / RB + Y)

This pass is a variant of the classic through pass, which is played in a more straightforward and powerful way. This option is especially recommended when playing on the wing to get your players behind the defensive line.

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Lobbed Through Pass (L1 + square / LB + Y)

This passing variant is a combination of a cross and a through pass. It's perfect for switching sides or short crosses that you can volley directly.

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